Romans 7:19

“Nero fiddled while Rome burned.”

I am Nero and I am Rome.

I fill my mind with emptiness.

From my heart fashion halls of stone.


I’ve stomach enough for choicest poison.

While for nourishment I’ve little taste.

I should bend my knees and supplicate.

Instead I stand, the queen of endless wastes.


Kindly God, besiege this city

That I call my heart and mind.

Help me right what has so long been wrong

While for change I still have time!


My pen drumming on my notebook.

Steady rain falling.

A hammer in the distance.

My heart when you catch my eye.

Need For Change

I want to do something stupid

To scare my heart awake.

Some past logical, but before sinful,

The chance I want to take.

I don’t even know what change I want,

But I know that I’m tired of the same.

If I keep being Ms. Sound and Rational

I feel like I might go insane.